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Lexifone Communication Systems (2010) Ltd
Bi-directional & simultaneous translation via any phone
Graduate exp: 6/2012
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Key Words:    
ASR, Translation, Linguistics, Communication

Project Summary: The company has developed a unique solution for bi-directional, simultaneous translation via any telephone: cellular phone appliances and land-line telephones. The Lexifone solution is unique in that it is not an application and does not require internet – it is a real time, automated, translation service. The solution combines language and speech solutions with learning software solutions. Intertainment Media Inc. invested 2 million USD in Lexifone during 2012.                                       

Applications and target markets: Business & consumer phone/mobile subscribers                
Features and benefits: Lexifone provides real-time voice translation via phone that enables communication between people who do not speak the same language
Project Stage:
Initial Sales
Seeking Investment:
Contact Info
Manager Yael Mittelman CEO Dr. Ike sagie  
Address 7 Pal Yam St., Haifa Address 7 Pal Yam St., Haifa  
Tel +972-4-862-2333 Tel +972-4-681-7711  
Fax +972-73-222-3999 Fax  
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